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Here's what our readers are saying!


"What a gift Ms. Gaines and Ms. Polsky have provided in "I have a question about death"! This book should be on the shelf of every health professional, clinician, therapist, teacher, parent, etc....Death is often the hardest topic for parents to discuss with children. Now we all have a resource that is clear and direct without being scary. It has words AND visuals that enable any child to process this incredibly complicated topic. It provides adults with a platform for having discussions with all children, those with disabilities and those without." (Amazon review)

"Helping children understand whats going on during a divorce is incredibly difficult and emotional. This book was an amazing resource. While it is geared towards kids on the Autism spectrum, it speaks to all. My kids read it over and over and in fact share it with their friends and teachers. Wonderful!" (Amazon review)

"This is the third in a much needed series. I am both a special educator and the parent of a child with autism. There are few resources to explain these difficult topics with many children. Their book on death and divorce have been an incredible resource for me and my colleagues. After reading this book on cancer I know this will be a great resource for us as well. Thank you for the thoughtful, well done series." (Amazon review)

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